Audience Participation Alert: What should I submit to Offshoots 10?

The submission deadline for the tenth edition of Offshoots, the biennial showcase of the Geneva Writers’ Group, is on March 1. I missed the last one, even though people recommended that I submit the pantoum I wrote during the 2006 Geneva Writers Conference. I don’t want to miss this one. Perhaps I will even submit that pantoum, if it comes down to it.

It should be easy to find something to submit, now that I’ve written 52 new Things (yes, 52 already, including a Joker and two bonus letter-only Things.) But which should I submit? Here are a few extracts from the submission guidelines:

There is no theme for this volume but it is the tenth issue, which will mark our twentieth year and will celebrate our community of writers. The Offshoots committee asks for your best work.

We do not accept translations. Categories include fiction, creative non-fiction (essays, memoir, interviews, travel) and poetry. Writers may submit two poems of up to 40 lines each (or one poem of 80 lines) or one prose piece of 1,500 words.

It’s probably not a good idea to submit something which only geeks would understand (though something geeky which is understandable to a general audience should be okay), and obviously the songs, novel chapters and video are out. And there are a few Things which I consider disasters. I might be able to sift out those and make a poll. But not right now; I still have a Thing to write this weekend. So, please nominate your favourite Things in the comments. I am sure you are in a better position to separate the good Things from the bad than I am. I can edit them before submitting, of course, so feel free to nominate something that’s only potentially good.
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