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Thing A Week Word Cloud (with Jokers)

I forgot to add the two jokers to the previous word cloud, so here’s a new one including the entire Thing A Week:


Nice to see pants make an appearance. There are many interesting word combinations in this one, but those of you who still have living brains can find them yourself. And for all you zombies out there, remember, never eyes.

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A Year in a Word Cloud

Here’s the Wordle word cloud for my entire Thing A Week. I forgot to add the jokers, because I’m tired and I really should have gone to bed instead of staying up the extra twenty minutes to do this. So I’ll post another word cloud tomorrow.

word cloud

You can find plenty of messages in there about the project, if you really look.

Make time. Write. Every day. Always trying. Story soon. Good things, really? Went without cause?  Took thought, left life. Found something. Leave now. End. Live. Remember dream.

But mostly, I like that the word ‘cage’ is trapped in an O.

I have several ideas for my next project, but first I have to rest for a while and finish some of the things I didn’t have time to do over the last year. Watch this space. Or subscribe to the RSS feed.

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Diamonds Word Cloud

Here at last is the Wordle word cloud for the diamonds:
diamondssmall1I’ve written quite a few repetitive poems in this suit so I’m surprised that some of the most prominent words are names. Perhaps it just seems that way because names just happened to be shaded a darker colour than words such as ‘just’ and ‘leave’.

I’ll post a word cloud for the entire Writing Cards and Letters project soon.

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