Things To Listen To

I haven’t updated my podcast in a long while. You can find many of my recordings on The FuMP, and I will soon add them to my Bandcamp page. Here are the best robot choir recordings:

And the best recording where I’m actually speaking:

Things To Listen To: Not to be taken orally

Things To Listen To: Not to be taken orally

As explained in more detail in this post, I now have a podcast. It’s called Things To Listen To, with each word beginning with a capital letter, because it  looked funny with one ‘To’ and one ‘to’, and it didn’t seem right to make half a phrasal verb lowercase. As the name implies, Things To Listen To is an audio-only podcast. I might create a separate video podcast later, but I will not add video to this podcast.

It will be updated irregularly with whatever I happen to record… myself reading my poetry and short stories, robot choir interpretations of my original songs, robot choir covers of other people’s songs, and even the occasional song written by me but sung by a human other than me. There’s one coming up soon by somebody who can actually sing. You can subscribe here.

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