About The Last Six Months

Some time between November 30 and December 1, 2009, was my last half-birthday. I’m not interested in doing all of the things that Carrie Dahlby sings about in the linked song, but I wanted to do something to make the most of my remaining 20s. Having completed a year-long Thing a Week-style project eight months earlier called Writing Cards and Letters, and not having much imagination left over from that to come up with a new idea, I decided to do something similar again.

So I started another Thing a Week project similar to called ‘The Last Six Months’, in which I will release something creative every Sunday for the remaining six months of my life. If this doesn’t make sense to you, go back and click on that ‘last half-birthday’ link. I kicked the whole thing off by editing a collaborative video to celebrate Jonathan Coulton’s whole-birthday.

This time, though, it won’t always be writing. There might be some more music videos, videos of me reading my poetry, robot-choir recordings of my own songs and others’, drawings, even some software. Who knows? I will also redo some of the cards from Writing Cards and Letters, because I would like to eventually publish a book of that project, but some of the Things wouldn’t sit well in a book, or just aren’t very good. The novel chapters are an example of both. I’m also planning a surprise for the end, although I might be lenient about the release date for that, since it will be close to my own whole-birthday. The plan is I’ll work on part of that each week, although as I write this page, three weeks into the project, I haven’t done any work on the surprise yet.

  1. Video: Chemistry « Creative Output

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