It’s only Sunday evening in your imagination (and in my time zone)

I had a full day of meetings at work today, so I doubt I’ll have a Thing published by midnight. Jonathan Coulton had a whole week without a day job to finish each of his Things, and I at least need a whole weekend to do mine. So I’ll probably publish it if and when I take some time off in lieu of today, or when it’s finished, whichever comes first.

‘Publish what?’ you don’t ask because you’re too busy reading this sentence. ‘You’ve already published a Thing for each of the 52 cards plus a joker! Go play, and eat cake, and celebrate, and sleep!’ your thoughts, fed by this blog post, continue. Well, I did say I’d publish another ace of diamonds, an original piece rather than a recording of an old one. And it wasn’t a lie. I’ve written 1276 words of it already. I might even finish it tonight, but I don’t feel obliged to, because I didn’t have a proper weekend, and, as you so rightly pointed out, I’ve already published more than 52 Things on-time and under-budget.

And after that second, bonus Thing, I will write another, for the second joker. And this is where you can participate. If you follow me on Twitter, you can send me one sentence by direct message, which will have some influence on the Joker. If you already follow me on Twitter and you don’t send me a sentence, one will be taken from you by force. You have been warned.


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