Nine of Spades: Perspective

Do you first see the arrows pointing up, or the ones pointing down?

Which way do you see things first? (Click the poems for pdf versions you can enlarge and copy the text from.)

Her eyes betray a happy girl whose glum demeanor simulates much worse conditions striking her, he thinks. Whatever hurt lurks It can't be so large her smiles can't hide her feeling it. She must live, privately, in paradise. In paradise, privately she must live her feeling. It can't hide. Her smile's so large it can't be. Hurt lurks, whatever he thinks. Much worse condition's striking: her glum demeanor simulates a happy girl whose eyes betray her.

When we don't know that it will run out there is no questioning we should enjoy the spoils of Earth if exploited with value for money. Destroying wonders while caring for someone is an ideal fix, never creates a disaster. Disaster creates a fix, never is an ideal. For someone caring wonders, while destroying for money, with value exploited of Earth, if we should enjoy the spoils. There is no questioning that it will run out. We don't know when.

This nine of spades from a deck of optical illusions cards that my nemesis sent me. I like this card. I see the arrows pointing upward first. That’s probably because they’re a darker colour and they’re not cut off by the edges of the square, but you may choose to interpret it as meaning I’m an optimist, because I am. Unfortunately, if you read these poems upward-first, you’ll end on a bit of a downer.

In case it’s not obvious, in each poem, the two arrows have the same lines in reverse order, with the upward-pointing one saying something generally uplifting and the downward-pointing one saying something more downcast. They’re a bit like ambigrams. The titles of the poems are the first and last words, in whichever order makes sense. They were surprisingly easy to write, but I suspect they’d be very difficult to perfect. I did not perfect them.

I thought about writing one which could be read directly across both arrows, perhaps as a dialogue between up-arrow person and down-arrow person, but didn’t end up thinking of any, and when I eventually typed them into the arrow shapes, I realised there was enough room between them that people would be unlikely to read straight across by accident.

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