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Nine of Spades: 0.5|1〉+0.5|0〉+8i Lives

A nine of spades featuring a cat, an \'I\' magnet, and \'vies\' magnet positioned next to the nineThe first, I landed right-side up,
The next, I saved my skin.
The third, I won at cat and mouse,
The fourth, I dragged me in.
The fifth, I wasn’t curious.
The sixth, I wasn’t swung.
The seventh, I escaped the bag.
The eighth, I got your tongue.

So of my deaths, I’ve sidestepped eight
with guile and movements deft.
And while I’m in a quantum state,
I’ve still a half-life left.


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I: Reflections in the imaginary axis

An imperfect reflectionI see ruthless enemy
The devil, I know,
The negative one.
I saw the root
of evil
of evil
I was the root
of the negative one.
The devil that I know:
Icy, truthless inner me


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