Jack of Spades: ɘloЯ

My Goodness, My Guinness


One ev’ning I went to the pub for a beer
and later went home to my bed.
As I went off to sleep I was feeling quite queer,
and the world turned around in my head.

The pieces of bread dipped us humans in cheese,
the cheese made by cows from our milk.
Early worms got the birds, while they made their pongees
from our swaddling, and christened it silk.

As letters sent men they would each seal a kiss,
which itself stole a beau, what a turnoff.
And Soviet Russia was in all of this,
poking fun at our man Yakov Smirnoff.

The horses on knightback were chased by the steeple,
convinced they should set the truth free.
And wars fought in soldiers then started the people,
till their shoes walked a mile in me.

Then science was checked by remains prehistoric,
The reptiles who warmed up the air
and caused the extinction of things meteoric
while the common were sought by the rare.

At some point, I think I awoke my alarm,
but I’m not at all certain of when.
For certain events have a true-to-life charm.
I should never drink lager again.


Aah, the picture cards… where even the Guinness deck has something inspiring. On seeing this one, I decided my theme would be role reversal, and went looking for something related to the letter K that could have its role reversed. As it turns out, the letter K itself has been reversed from the Etruscan K, so I decided that anything would fit.

I’m posting early this week, because I’ll be at a concert on Sunday night. I’m staying at a friend’s place in deepest darkest France (further away than London, if you go by train schedules) and intended to write most of the poem on the train here, but ended up being distracted by the fact that my train had been cancelled and I had to change trains a few more times than expected. As a result, about half of this poem was written at 4 in the morning, after I had indeed consumed small amounts of alcohol and large amounts of sugar with the locals. I hope this gives it an authentic ring.

I’d like to add a few more stanzas, but it doesn’t look like I’ll have time to today. Perhaps I will sneak in a few before midnight, if that’s allowed in the rules that I haven’t finished making up yet. I guess this is enough to publish already.

The picture is a little worse than usual due to a malfunction of a crucial piece of photography equipment (the light in the lav) but still much better than my first ones, I think.

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