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Card Gallery

I’ve added a new page which shows all of the playing cards I’ve used, linking to the associated pieces of writing. So now you can browse my work visually. I still need to take new photos of the earlier cards, and add all the aces of spades to the gallery.

Sometimes I like the card/magnet arrangements better than the writing. My current favourite is this week’s one, the eight of hearts with the defaced Van Gogh, followed by the three of hearts. Ten points to anyone who can guess or recognise what the tentacled alien magnet actually depicts.

Addendum: Thanks to some help from Bazaar of Dreams on the WordPress forums, it is finally possible to view the Jack of Spades: ɘloЯ on its own page. This used to be prevented because of a technical issue caused by the weird characters in the title. So if you were burning to leave a comment on it, now you can. But be careful… it might leave a comment on you first.

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