King of Clubs: Not TOP

Sorry, I didn’t get time to write a Thing this week, because I was secretly somehow involved in the anonymous collaboration which created this video, a song based on Don’t Stop by Sarah Bettens with assorted advice for people working at CERN. Luckily, it features a king of clubs, so guess what… since I’m past the middle of the project, I’m counting down from kings to aces from now on.

You can download the video in Quicktime format, an mp3 of the song, the slideshow used to make the video, and the lyrics here.

So now you know why I was taking photos of a rubber duck back in April. I took the photo of it with the king of clubs, in the hope that it would earn me a week off.

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  1. #1 by William Brett on September 8, 2008 - 4:13 am

    Doh! The Spanish Inquisition? I never expected that!


  2. #2 by Angela Brett on September 8, 2008 - 7:52 am

    Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.


  3. #3 by 1 of the three quacks on September 9, 2008 - 7:40 pm

    thanks, angela, for listing us here! 🙂


  4. #4 by Angela Brett on September 13, 2008 - 4:42 pm

    You’re welcome. Thanks for using my duck picture! 😀


  5. #5 by Smiley on October 5, 2008 - 7:10 pm

    Hey this is really cool (though I don;t understand some of the physics stuff, but atleast now I know what a quark is! :))love the 3 quacks!


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