Poll: What should I submit to Offshoots 10?

As I explained in this post, I need to choose either two short poems, one long poem, or a prose piece to submit to Offshoots, the biennial showcase of the Geneva Writers’ Group. After removing everything that was too long, too context-dependent, too geeky, too terrible, too weird, too misunderstood when read to the writers’ group, or too much like a song or video, I came up with a list of 12 poems, most of which are short enough that two of them could be submitted. The problem is, now I only have until the post offices close on Saturday (let’s say about 30 hours from now, to be safe) to choose and submit them. So there’s not much time to consult the great hive mind that is the internet, or even just the two or three people who actually read this blog regularly. But I’m going to do it anyway.

Here is a poll. Please vote for the two poems you think I should submit, and add any comments you feel like making. I realise that if you haven’t already read any of them, then that’s a lot to read in a short time. But to make it easier for you, and also make the poll a better judgment of which poems make sense to the general public without much explanation, please vote without reading the blurb that follows each poem. I’ll do what I can to reward voters in some way, perhaps with a photograph of a chocolate fish, perhaps with a personalised Thing, who knows?

Incidentally, the deadline for submitting to Offshoots is about as close as you can get to being exactly a year after I started Thing a Week. That is, I started on February 29, the deadline is March 1, but that’s a Sunday, so in order to get my submission postmarked early enough I’d actually need to submit it on February 28.

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