Two poems shot off to Offshoots

Poll over. In the end, I submitted the two poems which had made it out of the printer before I started getting too many paper jams. They were ɘloЯ, which got one vote and one second-choice vote from a Countdown voter (I like Countdown, but I was a little reluctant to submit it by itself in the place of two other poems), and Fork and Tongs, which only got one vote but was very well-received when I read it at the Geneva Writers’ Group’s mid-year evening of readings. I would have liked to have sent something more serious as one of the poems, but in the end my printer made the decision. I will try to get the other poems people voted for published elsewhere.

So, thanks a lot to everyone who took the time to read the poems and give an opinion; without you I would probably have printed different poems before the printer jammed. Yannick, Mark, Grace and my printer each get a photograph of a chocolate fish, and may contact me to claim their other awesome prize. That is, give me a topic and a style (short story, poem, song, country-western sonnet etc… not novel) and I’ll write something using them after Thing a Week is over. Maybe I’ll even name one a character after you, and you’ll be internet famous!

Alternatively, propose your own awesome prize and maybe I’ll agree to it. Note that only awesome prizes requiring approximately the same or less investment of time and materials will be considered.

One more thing: For my second Joker, I’m going to need at least 52 followers on Twitter. So if you don’t already, please follow me. Be warned: for historical reasons, I only use Twitter to make remarks about pants and reply to other people’s tweets.

Right, now to write the two of diamonds.

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