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Podcast: Things To Listen To


Things To Listen To logo: Not to be taken orally

Things To Listen To: Not to be taken orally

I said a while ago that I’d make a podcast of the various songs and poems I’ve recorded. Well, I finally got around to working around the bugs of the podcast hosting system I planned to use, and I now have a working podcast. It’s called Things To Listen To, with each word beginning with a capital letter, because it  looked funny with one ‘To’ and one ‘to’, and it didn’t seem right to make half a phrasal verb lowercase. As the name implies, Things To Listen To is an audio-only podcast. I might create a separate video podcast later, but I will not add video to this podcast.

For now Things To Listen To has the three recordings I made during the Writing Cards and Letters project: Pretender, You’ve Gotta Be Happy, and Fork and Tongs. Let’s pretend the recording of me singing My Favourite Strings never existed, shall we? Perhaps I’ll add Code Monkey Like though.

The Writing Cards and Letters project, by the way, is what used to be known as Thing A Week. I will soon change this blog title to something more general.

The podcast will also turn into something more general. Here are some things it is likely to contain:

  • Robot choir recordings of the poems from Writing Cards and Letters which have tunes.
  • Robot choir covers and remixes of other people’s songs, most likely Jonathan Coulton‘s because the licensing and availability of source tracks makes it easier.
  • More recordings of me reading my poems and prose.
  • Any recordings I manage to obtain of actual singers or voice actors performing my work. Feel free to volunteer.
  • Things not covered by this list.

You can subscribe to the podcast here. If you find any technical problems with it, or even just details which could be improved, let me know. Although I’ve listened to tens of thousands of podcasts, this is the first one I’ve made, and I’m sure to have done something wrong.



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