Video: Séjours linguistiques

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, if only because it was an excuse to make a fort out of language books. Here is a video of my reading my poem Séjours linguistiques (originally titled ‘Discours inférieur’ in order to have a tenuous link to the playing card of the week.)

I would have used the song ‘Carambar’ by Jérémie Kisling for the end credit music, simply because it’s the rhyme scheme of that song which inspired the poem, and it’s in French, but he didn’t reply when I asked for permission. So instead, I’m using the much more thematically-appropriate song ‘Whistle While You Wait‘ by Marian Call. It’s one of my favourite songs of hers, even though it’s not as geeky as some of the others.

I’m trying to get Marian Call to give a house concert in Geneva when she’s in Europe in September, but she needs more people to show interest before she can come. If you liked that music, and you are near enough to Geneva that you’d go there for a concert, please either contact Marian directly or join and publicise the facebook event I created to gauge interest in a concert. If enough people say they’d attend my event, I’ll tell Marian, she’ll figure out when she can to come to Geneva, and I’ll send a message to everyone attending the event saying when/where it will be. If you’re not near Geneva, how about requesting a concert near where you live? Alternatively, you could book a berth on JoCo Cruise Crazy II to see her and many other great people on a boat.

I also used a one-second clip from Jay Gruska’s main title theme to the TV show ‘Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman’ to introduce my ‘Fortress of Sole-étude‘ (or is that solo-étude?) That soundtrack was the first thing I ever purchased online; a physical CD bought with my mother’s credit card some time last millennium. I hope this short sample counts as fair use.

I’ve put this into the ‘Holiday Highlights’ category, because there were only two things in that category, and I did actually do all the filming during that holiday, I just didn’t finish editing it in time.

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