A video, full of sound and light, signifying Christmas

Last weekend I was on my way to a concert in Lausanne when I came across a building with a light show projected onto it. I stopped to film it in high resolution with my fancy new camera. Later I added appropriate music to the different scenes, to make it a bit more interesting. Here is the result:

Most of this music is explicitly released under a Creative Commons license, and most can be downloaded for free (there are links below), and most comes from artists who generally don’t mind people using their music and don’t have labels that are likely to sue me, but there are a few tracks I didn’t make 100% sure I was allowed to use, so I hope those artists don’t mind being included.

I tried to include as many different artists as possible so that people will discover someone new. The only ones I used twice are Jonathan Coulton (well, he only got a short bit at the beginning) Jonathan Mann (I planned from the beginning to use Penguins Having a Party, not suspecting that he’d written a song in which he said ‘building’ over and over, which is the perfect space-filler in a video of a building) and The Cow Exchange (I had many possibilities for the last song, but this one followed better musically from the one before it.)

I did this fairly quickly, to get it ready by Christmas, so most of the time I just searched my music library for keywords relating to a scene and picked the first song I found that seemed to fit. There may be better matches in songs which don’t happen to have the right keywords in the title, or which I don’t have yet, or which I ignored because I didn’t know what the artist’s or their label’s policy on reuse was.

You can get most of the songs for free, but I encourage you to support the artists if you can, and if you like what they do, of course. The songs are:

  1. Chiron Beta Prime, by Jonathan Coulton
  2. Christmas Time in Paris France, by ShiSho
  3. Elephant, by Alan Cohen Experience
  4. Reindeer Direction, by The Camryn Manheim Steamroller (I actually know six songs about reindeer, but this one fit the image best.)
  5. Penguins Having a Party, by Jonathan Mann
  6. Here is the Outline, by Science Groove
  7. Machine, by Crabbydad (Andy Poland)
  8. Requiem for a Snowflake, by Jutze
  9. The Star, by Edric Haleen
  10. Eating, Building, Sleeping, Party, by Jonathan Mann again
  11. It All Makes Sense At The End, by Mike Lombardo
  12. I Don’t Get It, by Carrie Dahlby
  13. Silly Reflection, by Lunch Money
  14. Yellow Snow, by Insane Ian
  15. Shadows in the Moonlight, by Josh Woodward
  16. Above the Sky, by CraftLass
  17. Randall the Shiznit Rapper, by The Cow Exchange (mutilated by me in an attempt to make it say ‘now you can wrap our home’)
  18. Hanukkah on the Moon, by Paul and Storm
  19. Good Morning Moon, by Marian Call
  20. Creepy Doll, by Jonathan Coulton again
  21. Twangles, the Christmas Squid by Jason Morris
  22. The Pixels of the Universe, by Request-A-Song.com
  23. Trees are Green, by The Cow Exchange again.

I almost forgot; I also filmed that concert I went to, which was by Spring Breakup and Susie Asado. I’m not sure I’ll put up the videos of that, because the lighting wasn’t great, but I am uploading videos of their show in Trogen the night before. Here’s a playlist of what I’ve uploaded so far, and here’s a Christmas song they sang:

Also, here’s a playlist of all Christmas-related videos I’ve made, including some from Epcot.

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