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Unintentional Haiku from New Scientist, on Reality, Existence, and God

I’m not only behind on poems, I’m also behind on reading New Scientist magazine, so I’m just starting on a special issue with the ‘big questions’ with articles about reality, existence, God, consciousness, life, time, self, sleep, and death. This seemed like a good place to find interesting unintentional haiku, so I ran Haiku Detector over the first three sections. Perhaps I’ll do the rest on later Saturdays, to give myself a weekly break during poetry writing month.

There’s only one unintentional haiku on the subject of reality:

Afterwards, we map
the locations of all the
thousands of flashes.

These three are about existence:

“Small simulations
should be far more numerous
than large ones,” he says.

Sadly that means you
will never be able to
meet your other you.

A few researchers
even think it could happen
in the next decade.

That last one works for many great scientific quests, at any time. Here are some about God… or… Santa?

More interesting still
was a second version of
the experiment.

Santa knows if you’ve
been bad or good but does he
know all that you do?

Because of this, they
are highly susceptible
to false positives.

I wonder what the second version of God’s experiment would be like.

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There are things that I can imagine
that are worse than what happens to me.
And there are things that I cannot imagine
that are worse than my mind’s eye can see,
and there are things that I cannot imagine
that are worse than even those things can be,
and there are things that are worse than the things in this verse,
and so on, into infinity.

But  there are things that are better than all of these things,
and these things, they have happened to me.
And there there are things that are better than any of that,
even things that my mind’s eye can see,
and there are things that I can’t even wonder about
that are wonderful as things can be,
and still better than that: it’s things all the way up
into heavens of infinity,
and things even more great than infinity states:
aleph one, aleph two, aleph three.

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