≥3 (a poem and song)

A while ago I wrote a poem about love, and how much more complicated it is than mathematics, and how the <​​3 heart symbol is a little oversimplified, or at least misleading to any mathematicians such as myself who come to believe that love is a strict inequality. I didn’t publish it here but I did perform it at my show in Café Concerto, while Johanna Van Tan improvised backing music:

I also performed it at A Bunch of Monkeys Read Some Stuff on JoCo Cruise 2017.

This is one of those poems that was always secretly a song in my head, so while we were on a train to Minneapolis I told Joey how the tune went, and when he was back in stationary accommodation he sang it to a slightly better tune:

So in a sense that’s two (which is less than three) musical versions of it! I can barely come up with anything coherent to say about this. ❤️

Here are the words:

Love is not mathematics and it’s hardly ever less-than-three ❤️
rarely stops at man and woman, straight and gay or you and me
churning contradictions clogging tubes in the definery
that’s turning quantum lgbtqbits into binary

Every single boolean has every state at once
and even if the boolean’s not single it’s still unsettlingly
odd and when it’s not odd then it is not even even, oh my
god it’s never simple, nothing ever seems to normalise;
I miss the clever symbols in the system that I formalised,
and this I do not understand, it’s just too complicated.
I’m very good at solving so it must be who I dated.

Yes, love is not mathematics, but forgive it all confusion
Don’t avoid all that dramatics with the trivial solution
The axioms are ill defined, but may prove good (or may prove well)
for with your love you’re thrilled to find you never have to prove yourself

In other news, I’ve uploaded a lot of video of JoCo Cruise 2018 already! Even the huge concert/music festival in Loreto, Mexico.

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