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Poem: We Haven’t Had Ice-cream All Year

Here’s a poem I wrote at the beginning of 1995, when I was 14. It seems like a good enough occasion to drag it out.

We haven’t had ice cream all year;
nor have we cooked a roast,
we haven’t opened any wine,
we haven’t made a toast.

We haven’t baked a cake all year,
or watched the television.
Superman and Wonderboy
have yet to take a mission.

We haven’t eaten sweets all year
or climbed up any trees.
Our unbrushed teeth are pearly white,
and free of cavities

We haven’t played a game all year,
not chess nor hide-and-seek.
We haven’t swung from our old rope,
and jumped into the creek.

The car hasn’t broken down all year,
just when we needed it.
The weatherman has get to lie,
my tongue I’ve not get bit

We haven’t done our chores all year.
Whoopee! Hurrah! Hooray!
So much to do, so little done,
this year, on New Year’s Day.

I’m working on a video/poem thingy which should be up later tonight. Happy new year, everybody!

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