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I skipped a week because I was in Sweden eating cake, so here’s a silly meme and a Star Wars haiku

I was supposed to publish something related to a Queen of Spades on Sunday, but I was in Sweden with some friends, and although I did record video for something, I was too busy enjoying myself to edit it. I did manage to get some new packs of cards, though. I promise I will publish an extra fun Queen of Spades this Sunday. It will be a video, and it will involve cake. In the mean time, here is a silly picture based on this meme:

Also, to go with my last ill-informed Star Wars poetry, here’s a haiku I came up with on Twitter a few weeks ago:

Their mass destruction

is energy creation.

Let’s make stars, not wars.

It’s really more about nuclear fusion than Star Wars, but what do you expect from someone who hasn’t seen Star Wars? Incidentally, one of the packs of cards I bought in Sweden shows Star Wars characters, so I might use one as an excuse to record a video of the Star Wars poem, or something.

It’s kind of my birthday, depending on which time zone counts. So I’m retrospectively giving myself permission to have fun in Sweden instead of writing something for my blog or working.

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