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Rhyme-lapse video: Localised Entropy Decrease, or How to Choose Camera Angles To Make Your Room Look Tidier Than It Is

I’m a messy person, and I admit it. But during the holidays I have time to do a big clean-up. The following is a time-lapse video of my cleaning my bedroom, with rhyming commentary. This was all done on the 22nd and 23rd of December, so some of the commentary reflects that. You can probably hear some changes in the sound in places, since I didn’t record it all in one take, but it would have taken far too much practice to pull that off.

I did tidy the kitchen and the rest of the apartment afterwards. From now on, I plan to hire a cleaner to come in once a week to keep it this way.

The music at the end is from ‘Strong Interaction‘ by¬†Les Horribles Cernettes. LHC: Accelerating Videos.

The whole commentary is a ‘quick’ first draft, but still, it takes an awfully long time to fill up six and a half minutes with cheesy rhymes without repeating anything. The footage was originally ten and a half minutes at double the speed it was filmed at, but I had to speed up some sections for lack of commentary, and because a video that long would have been boring and too long for YouTube.

Here are the words… all 984 of them, in 40 quatrains:

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