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Apronyms are back, and the actual Jonathan Coulton

After a downtime of three days short of a year while I tried to find time to rewrite the site to be kinder to the webserver, the Apronyms website is finally back up. If you don’t know what apronyms are, read this. Apronyms are about the only creative writing I did during my ‘dry period’. Some of the fancier features which were on the old site, such as the hall of fame, submission form, and expert awards, are not finished yet, but the important thing is the apronyms are there to be browsed. I will add the other features over the coming weeks.

Another exciting thing is that Jonathan Coulton, the original Thing A Week guy, will be doing a show in London on March 20, and I’m going to it. The show is sold out, so I hope you already have a ticket if you want to go.

Right, now I just have to write something about the two of spades and the letter B within 25 hours. I got an idea for a story on Tuesday, and have been developing it since, but I haven’t actually started writing it yet. It remains to be seen whether I can actually write the whole thing in time. Don’t be surprised if I end up posting an emergency back-up poem, or the first chapter of a miniseries.

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