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C: Death of Consumption

CO2 BudgetIt seems to be true that the world is in debt.

If I take from you then I won’t see it yet.

By nature we crave to spend more than we earn;

we’ve money to save and we’ve forests to burn.

We’ll use up the rest, extradition’s deferred;

we’re draining our nest-egg and killing the bird.

Their species are dying, and so are our own,

but let’s just keep flying, it’s fine in our zone.

Let’s use all the oil and eat all the fish,

abuse all the soil and do as we wish,

ignore all the damage that we cannot see;

Perhaps it hurts you but it doesn’t hurt me.

In Earth’s final hour, we won’t fear the night;

if we have the power, we’ll turn on the light.


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Three of Spades: Fire at will (a perfect match)

No arms in, no wives out. (Sorry about the photo quality, the card is in London so I can’<p>t redo it.)

Join the few,

couple, two.

Give your life

to your wife.

Arms race

to embrace.

Open fire

warms desire.



family cheer,

firing range,

heat exchange,

Dead meat

fit to eat

No-fly zone

muslin cone.


Hate crimes,

love rhymes.


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