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Two of Spades: Trichosis Psychosis

Victor Gomez, Gabriel Ramos Gomez, Luisa Lilia de Lira Aceves and Jesus Manuel Fajardo Aceves (Mexico) are four of a family of 19 that span five generations all suffering from the same rare condition called Congenital Generalized Hypertrichosis, characterized by excessive facial and torso hair.There’s a fashion I’ve seen, or a ‘hair-brained’ psychosis,
To treat hair that is not on the head as trichosis.
The women think men have bizarre expectations
that they shave all their hair and pretend they’re cetaceans.
Then men too na├»ve to be sure it’s not true,
don’t know women have hair like all land mammals do,
so that both parties hip to the trend may belab’r us
if we dare to reveal that our skin is not glabrous.

Yet even though terminal hair’s ‘androgenic’
that isn’t because it’s exclusive to men; it
occurs in all grownups from here to Kerblayvit,
and by the way, women out there wouldn’t shave it.
The fashion is merely a localised norm
that’s invented and strengthened by those who conform
while the women who leave all their natural hair
have the pleasure of knowing that men do not care.

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