Wordles: Just, like… know things, okay?

I realised that I never created a Wordle for the second run of Writing Cards and Letters, like I did for the first run. For that matter, I haven’t written a second joker for it either. But first things first. Here’s a Wordle for all the words used in the things I wrote for the second Writing Cards and Letters, not including diagrams, videos, or those speculative card games, but including the text of ISS vs. LHC that’s directly on the blog.

Writing Cards and Letters 2

I usually look for related words that are coincidentally near each other. The big words don’t leap out to me as saying anything much, apart from ‘just know’, I guess, but I like the ‘much writing, one head’ which could even be continued as ‘much writing, one head, two HeartValet feel things.’ Is that how to get intense emotion into writing? Having two HeartValet implants instead of one? Then there’s the LHC baby and the time dealer. But which is true of my writing? Is it ‘Find story, keep.’ or ‘years lost’?

Anyway, I’ve written many other things since that first year of Writing Cards and Letters, some just because I felt like it, and some because of NaPoWriMo. Here’s the Wordle for all the poems I posted for NaPoWriMo, which I participated in for about half a month before realising I had a short story to write:


Gave one internet? Judged? Just like (better) things! Loud feminine? Masculine wrong? Awesome never? Doctor McFly?! Don’t be concerned by the large ‘die want’; the ‘die’ is mostly the German word. Or it’s a result of ‘clear verse, soul worse (perhaps.)’

Here’s the Wordle of the various things I’ve written and posted to my blog since the end of the first Writing Cards and Letters that didn’t fit into either project. I did not include the Mozartpuffreissnitten recipe, since that’s more of a blog post than a piece of writing, and again I didn’t include the text of things I made videos or audio recordings for in that time.

CERN Princess

Well, this is interesting. Clearly I’m a CERN princess. Or a time chameleon; wouldn’t that be cool? A chameleon that has chronophore cells instead of chromatophore cells, so it can resemble (or presemble) any time? Eyes spread is just unreasonable, though. This one has a lot of names of real people in it, which probably came from my origin story.

I find it amusing that this one is all about a princess and the others are just, like, things. So I decided to see what the relative weights were when I put the text for all three things in one Wordle:

Like Love Okay

Just know. One time, like, love, okay? People, think! Die, baby dealer! Got thulium? Story, song, chlorine… really?! Life: Make Something. There are a lot of names in here, which is interesting considering each name is usually only used in one story. Is it a bad thing to refer to somebody by name often? I tend to get lost in stories where characters are referred to in too many different ways.

I may have to challenge myself to write something about the word combinations found in these, or write something that doesn’t contain any of my most common words.

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