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Creative Output

I’ve mentioned a few times that ‘Writing Cards and Letters’ is no longer a relevant name for this blog now that the Writing Cards and Letters project is over. Not only am I not writing about cards and letters any more, I’m also publishing other creative things I’ve done which are not necessarily writing. Perhaps the least imaginative name for what this blog will become is ‘Creative Output’, and since I had a nice idea for an image to go with that phrase, it’s the least imaginative name that I went for.

Now, I’m no graphic artist, but sometimes I can take decent photos of beautiful things, and scribble on them in ways that I like. That’s what I did today, and here is my art to represent Creative Output.


The original is 4000×2878 pixels, and has quite a bit of detail, with bits of my writing, programming and maths mixed in. I’m not sure why I made it that big when the website will only get this small version, and the software I used often ran out of memory and crashed while trying to save it. Perhaps I’m destined to print it on a poster or something.

I’d like to change the theme of this blog so that I can better integrate this image into the header, but alas, this is the only theme on which has variable width and a customisable header.


Joker: The Story So Far

 When I was five I learnt to write,
at eight I learnt to code.
My stories had no plan in sight,
one endless episode.
At thirteen, workshops each fortnight,
To writers club I rode
where Audrey set me on the road
to elegy and ode.
For many years the words were flowing.
Ideas I had in spades,
until one day we just stopped going.
Again, the flame of logic glowing
I studied maths, I dreamt of knowing
I coded for fun, and for various trades,
And then went to CERN, for hadron cascades
and code to stop databases overflowing.
So, since I love group theory, 
with all my heart of geek,
and operations binary,
I knew just where to seek
I’d left my right identity
in writer’s group, not Lie.
and after two years in write-clique
I’ll click the option “Thing a Week”
Unpolished prose, and first essay,
All diamonds in the rough.
But even when I’ve nought to say,
Each week I’ll post my stuff.  
I said I’d start on Joker day
It’s time to call my bluff.
I’ll do it all the JoCo way
until I’ve had enough.

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The Deal

I’m going to write something each week and publish it on this blog, each time taking some inspiration from a playing card and a letter of the alphabet. If I can keep it up for a year, I’ll have gone through the deck once and the alphabet twice, and I’ll be back in the habit of actually writing instead of just telling people that I used to write.

Usually I will post on Sundays, but I will begin with the Joker on February 29. Those of you who have read The Solitaire Mystery by Jostein Gaarder will understand why. In subsequent weeks I’ll make sure each piece is somehow inspired by, or makes reference to, a different card. I’m going to interpret that pretty loosely to start with, because I’m not even sure I can produce something once a week, and I’m not sure yet whether the extra constraints are going to inspire or constrict me, or conspire to instruct me. So sometimes I’ll let them restrict, sometimes they’ll let me respire.

Joker Day is today, which means I have less than five hours to finish my composition and post it. I intended to have it finished already. I also intended to have finished the new versions of my other websites by now, so that I could link to them from here, and would have fewer other things competing for my time. Maybe after a year, I will be out of the habit of leaving things till the last minute. Maybe not. Check back soon. 

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