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Seven of Diamonds: The Tree

tree500As autumn comes I breathe your sanguine red
and tremble at the falling of each leaf.
I’ve wasted nights just sobbing on your bed
of leaves, and vow to fight impending grief.
I wrap you, still alive, to stop the shed,
your shield against the winter, metal leaf.
In spring, I take the helmet from your head,
its aventail a shroud upon the dead.


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Joker: The Story So Far

 When I was five I learnt to write,
at eight I learnt to code.
My stories had no plan in sight,
one endless episode.
At thirteen, workshops each fortnight,
To writers club I rode
where Audrey set me on the road
to elegy and ode.
For many years the words were flowing.
Ideas I had in spades,
until one day we just stopped going.
Again, the flame of logic glowing
I studied maths, I dreamt of knowing
I coded for fun, and for various trades,
And then went to CERN, for hadron cascades
and code to stop databases overflowing.
So, since I love group theory, 
with all my heart of geek,
and operations binary,
I knew just where to seek
I’d left my right identity
in writer’s group, not Lie.
and after two years in write-clique
I’ll click the option “Thing a Week”
Unpolished prose, and first essay,
All diamonds in the rough.
But even when I’ve nought to say,
Each week I’ll post my stuff.  
I said I’d start on Joker day
It’s time to call my bluff.
I’ll do it all the JoCo way
until I’ve had enough.

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